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SSL Live L500 in the Parashoot rental stock

Proud to announce that the new SSL Live 500
is added to our rental stock in dec/jan.

This will be touring as FOH console, with Veronica Maggio 2014.
Together with a DiGiCo SDTEN-24 on monitor.


The Cardigans Exclusive dates nov-dec 2013

Great to be back with more The Cardigans dates.

iLive systems and JoeCo systems
Audio Technica Microphones

Jenny Wilson new client 2013

I am proud to say that the Jenny Wilson team, choose Parashoot for
supplying the new tour with iLive system and Sennheiser InEars.

Thanks Gustav Lindstroem, Wilson FOH for the honor, and thanks to Jenny Wilson and band.

Ane Brun Songs Tour 2013

First leg of Ane Brun Sonds Tour 2013 has come to a end.

It's been outstanding performances from Ane Brun, Tonbruket and the rest of Ane Brun band, Ola Hultgren and Nina Kinert.

iLive system with xdr's and ME-1's
Milab LSR3000 and DC196
Are all very important components of this great show.


GOAT summer dates 2013

A true pleasure to work with GOAT on their summer festival dates.
Thanks to Frans Hägglund who gave me some dates to do FOH on.
And to Peter Sehlin at Luger Inc AB for making it happen.

The Fulltone Tube Echo was amzing on these shows.